17 things you said about today's North East Gunners parade through Sunderland

The 4th Regiment Royal Artillery parade through Sunderland today.
The 4th Regiment Royal Artillery parade through Sunderland today.
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The Army regiment known as the North East Gunners proudly paraded through the city of Sunderland today.

The 4th Regiment Royal Artillery was granted the civic honour in 1974, and has exercised it many times since.

Today's parade was blessed by good weather, and the regiment, which recruits heavily in the region, received a warm reception.

Our Facebook Live coverage of the parade went down a storm with people who couldn't be there to see it. Here's some of their comments.

Lynne Bostock: "Fabulous! It makes my heart swell with pride to see this!. I'm proud to have served my Queen and country with the WRAF. God bless and watch over all service personnel!"

Bren Morris Nicholson: "Very proud of them all and a very proud aunt of a nephew, Kevin Morris, who served for this regiment."

Peter Snowdon: "The regiment that I served in 1975 to 1977, great to see."

Tony Kitchen: "Proud to have served with 4th Regiment RA."

Kathleen Kelly: "Huge respect to these guys and everyone else who has served our country, past and present."

Kelly Gray: "Proud ❤️ watching from Australia."

Sue Brewster: "All heroes every one of them x."

Mick Collins: "Bursting with pride for these lads."

Keelie Hall: "Such a lovely thing to see xx."

Peter D Crann: "Makes you proud to be British when our lads and lasses get this type of recognition."

Maria Mccourt: "There should be thousands there to see these brave men and women."

Heather Edwards: "About time our lads and lasses got the recognition they deserve. Done everybody proud."

John Quinn: "Well done the Northeast Gunners - very proud."

Julia Christie: "Makes you so proud watching them. Shame I can't be there but work calls - keep up the great work!"

Will Reeves: "I'm 74yrs old, and still feel the pride when I see out young gunners on parade. Unique."

Si Watts: "Proud to be a member of the Gunner Family."

Ann Mason: "Love the sound of a marching band x."