17 things you said about the rubbish protest at Sunderland Civic Centre

Rubbish dumped in Sunderland Civic Centre reception by David Render.
Rubbish dumped in Sunderland Civic Centre reception by David Render.
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There's been a clash of views after an angry man dumped a pile of rubbish collected from his neighbourhood in Sunderland Civic Centre.

David Render, who set up a Facebook group called Washington in Decline to highlight problems in the town, delivered the litter to the council to show his anger at their failure to deal with the problem. Read more

His actions have been met with a mixed reaction on our Facebook page, however. This is what you had to say:

1) Allan Crago said: "He is totally out of order..he should have dumped it at 10 Downing Street as it is this Tory Government budget cuts that is the problem."

2) Vicky Tinnion said: "YES HE WAS RIGHT!!!! You only have to walk around Washington to see that it's rapidly turning into an overgrown mess!!!

"There's litter all over the place dog waste bins over flowing NEXT TO SCHOOLS AND PLAYGROUNDS! It's a public health hazard! I've lived here all my life and never known the place look so unkempt and unsightly!!!"

3) Janey Moran said: "It's not the choice of an employee to clean up after someone doing something like this, it won't be the people the protest is aimed at getting their hands dirty that's for certain."

4) Phil Schmeichel Smurthwaite said: "Do people actually look into their council tax bill?

"Majority of it goes on police, ambulance and fire services! Obviously if the council receive less funding from the government then services will get slashed, people will lose jobs, can some educated person explain how when you have 90 people to do a job and then you lose 50%+ of that workforce how can it do the same job? There's more to life than rubbish!"

5) Chris Maddison said: "As someone else has mentioned, he should have dumped it 10 Downing Street. It's through the cuts to local authorities like ours that tough decisions have had to me made and unfortunately roadside rubbish is one. It's just not possible any more to have all the services that we used to have years ago.

6) Steven Paxton said: "Tough decisions, what like deciding to pay out millions in hush money or £600k to a guy who failed spectacularly at his job and putting children's lives at risk or harm.

"They seem to find the money when it's needed and then just increase tax or reduce services and make you pay for the ones they have removed."

7) Vicky Tinnion said; "Or tough decisions like the water fountains, expensive paving, novelty lampposts and that new bloody bridge getting priority over litter collections."

8) Michael Edwards said: "Does he think that one of the councillors will clean that up? No, it will be a cleaner who is on minimum wage and probably facing redundancy because of Tory spending cuts."

9) Pauline Guerreiro said: "Areas in Houghton le spring having the same problems. One way they could make some good money is by carrying out their law for not picking up dog poo and fining people...maximum fine £1000??:!! They could be raking it in.

"I am forever complaining about rubbish, litter, overflowing litter bins and dog bins, broken glass on the footpaths, it's never ending."

10) Heather Embleton said: "I think he done the right thing but also think residents need to make more of an effort to keep the place looking tidy. I currently have around six shopping trolleys in my street. Looks terrible, can't understand why people insist on pushing shopping back to their doors!"

11) Carole Dobinson said: "I've never seen our streets and cemeteries full of dog muck and litter but this is mostly down to people who drop there litter and don't pick up after there dogs no excuse. Mind you the council havnt't put enough rubbish bins out as I requested in streets and bus shelters."

12) Yvonne Halliwell Maclaughlan said: "Good on him!!! I've made numerous phone calls about the state of the rubbish where I live, I'm having to go out and sweep rubbish up from my front street.

"I've even told the have reduced the the staff to 100 from 250. I will see a road sweeper once every six weeks. It's not good enough. Not everyone will pick rubbish up so the place is a tip. Same with many places with over grown grass. The cuts have effect a huge amount. The way it's going. That rats will be pack and the plague will return!"

13) Jamie Emerson said: "Cuts, cuts and more cuts. I used to be paid to (mostly) pick up rubbish and empty bins. Then a large majority of the staff were stuck on zero hours contracts, then the hours vanished, almost overnight and we all had to find other jobs."

14) Ian Taggart said: "Our streets are disgusting with these over flowing bins and rubbish dumps left for days even weeks without being emptied. Yes I know it's not entirely the councils fault but the blame is more there's than anyone else's."

15) Bic Leadbitter said: "I think if the government cut services such as rubbish collections & police etc our council tax should come down & not up!!"

16) Jayne Bell said: "Seems it's a national problem and it's disgusting the amount of fly tipping and mess around. The councils should be ashamed of themselves. What happened to weekly bin men who had a smile on their face and whistled while they work? I'm not surprised somebody has got angry and done this."

17) Violet Williamson said: "In some areas of Sunderland the streets are nipping clean no rubbish no weeds but some other areas there is rubbish and weeds 4 foot tall all areas should be the same as we all pay council tax."