17 things you had to say about the soaraway Sunderland International Airshow

People from all over the world tuned into our live streaming of the airshow.
People from all over the world tuned into our live streaming of the airshow.
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Visitors from far and wide - as well as locals - have been flocking to the Sunderland International Airshow this weekend.

For those who couldn't be there, we broke new ground by streaming live excerpts of the event onto our Facebook page - and you seemed to like it.

Here's what readers had to say about the 28th annual show, and our live coverage of it.

Paul Baars: "Was there Friday and Saturday. Brilliant as usual."

Gillian Hellens: "Fabulous ... some very brave pilots."

Vicky Echelon Camsey: "Loving the videos!

Chris King: "Love the sound of those Merlin engines, makes you proud to be British seeing the memorial flight."

Eileen Cassley: "They were amazing. Sunderland has a lot to be proud of."

Marie Ann Bestford: "These pilots are the envy of the world, overseas pilots have tried to join them."

Sally Finnigan: "These guys were amazing as always, but the beach assault from HMS Bulwark was impressive too! Yet another fab family day out at Sunderland Airshow."

Christine Wallace: "The beach attack was absolutely fantastic, bombs, bullets, tanks, boats, ships, and of course the Red Arrows were superb."

Paul Nufc Weston: "Thanks Sunderland Echo, great streaming"

Heather Gray: "Looking from Australia, would have loved to be back home. Amazing."

Norma Griffiths: "Nice to watch for people who can't get out."

Suzanne AJ Young: "This link is great for people that can't get out of the house. My mum took us for years when we where kids and is now housebound and missed the airshow. Thanks to this live link she can watch it."

Kerry Tomlinson: " I'm from Sunderland but living in Fleetwood, Lancashire, now. Great I can see the airshow on here."

Kathy Perry: "I'm from Canada watching this as a friend of mine posted it, fabulous airshow!"

Vicky Peplow: "I'm originally from Sunderland, but in USA, so great to be able to watch."

Lewis Cooper: "Watching this from sunny Spain, can't believe I'm missing it."

Kathleen Kelly: "The Red Arrows always remind me of being a bairn, sitting in my street watching them with all the kids and parents. They were good then but amazing now!! The skill, the precision, it's just unreal. My heart was in my mouth half the time watching that."