15 reader tributes to 'Sunderland Spectre' Brian Moore

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One of Sunderland's most familiar faces has passed away this week - leading to hundreds of tributes from family, friends and fans.

The news of Brian Moore's death broke yesterday, and many of you have been remembering the painter and his work on social media.

Brian Moore died in Sunderland Royal Hospital this week.

Brian Moore died in Sunderland Royal Hospital this week.

We have remembered his life in pictures with our video, but here is what you had to say on Facebook.

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Sue Hughes: "Brian used to love painting ships when I was young RIP Brian you are one of Sunderland's icons you will be missed."

Susan Feasey: "I remember him when I lived in Sunderland. He always stood out in the crowd. Sorry to hear that he has passed away. RIP Brian."

Ged Laydon: "I grew up in Sunderland, saw him many times in and around Roker where I lived, as a kid I thought he was s genuine ghost, as I grew up I realised he was a genuine star, RIP Spectre, a true gent."

David Butler: "He was a true gentleman. I know he was an artist, I have seen some of his pictures in some shops. Now he has sadly passed away, perhaps some other artist could take over the mantle of dressing in his eccentric clothing."

Tracy Lovegrove: "The people of Sunderland need to attend his funeral to say farewell to an icon of Sunderland RIP."

Wendy Malkin: "Brian was such a lovely man always happy and always had good stories to tell me about his past. He always used to come in the charity shop where my husband worked and sit and have a cuppa and a chit chat he will be sadly missed by all RIP Brian fly high in the sky and party with the angels."

Christine Carney: "Brian Moore ... a true gentleman. Sunderland has lost one of its characters, the Elegant Spectre. RIP Brian.

Beth Callaghan: "RIP Spectre. Top bloke Brian. Fond memories of him when I was growing up, always the gent and such a character."

Joyce Graham: "RIP to true gentleman, he was a local legend, cheers Brian."

Deborah B Bailey: "RIP Brian Moore. You were always a delight to talk to, and never a wrong word to say about anything. A true gent."

Ubercorn Frew: "So sad. Spoke on few occasions with Brian a really character. He will be missed but when you are ready to move to the next room, you are ready."

David Alfie Leithes: "Was always smart as a carrot, I remember him from being a kid, big black hat a walking stick, he reminded me of a Charles Dickens character as he walked along with people looking at him. RIP, sadly missed."

Angela Anderson: "Some of he's paintings were excellent. He was a real gent."

Elaine Davidson: "He once gave me a bunch of yellow tulips and said he hoped they brightened my day!"

Michela Welch: "Such a lovely gent always polite and friendly, RIP Brian."