11 of your 'congratulations' messages to Sunderland lottery winner Kenny Ashton

Kenny Ashton, who won 1million on a National Lottery Scratchcard.
Kenny Ashton, who won 1million on a National Lottery Scratchcard.
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The story of Sunderland dad Kenny Ashton, who became a millionaire after a lucky scratchcard win, touched the hearts of hundreds across the North East yesterday.

The 33-year-old, whose wife is due to give birth to the couple's first son tomorrow, had a dream about winning the lottery and bought a lucky scratchcard the next day.

So far, Kenny has bought a new people carrier for his family, and a new motor for his wife Gillian. The couple also wish to buy their own home.

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His touching story swept social media and gathered so many heartfelt messages from you all that we just had to share some of them here.

See if your message to Kenny and his family made our list.

1. Mel Collins: "Congratulations on your win. What an amazing thing to happen at a perfect time in your life. Happy times ahead for you all."

2. Emma Louise Hinds Van-embden: "Brilliant that's made my day, about time there was some good news. Hope you and your new family have lots of happiness together."

3. Donna Burnett: "So pleased for you, nice to hear someone local having a good win. Enjoy."

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4. Deborah Williams Taylor: "Fantastic!!!!! Lovely news, made me smile."

5. Andrew Marc Halverson: "Good on you fella. Enjoy it all."

6. Leanne O'neill: "What a great time to win it too, will come in very handy with a new baby."

7. Kate At Bitsandbobs: "Couldn't think of a better family to come into luck you both deserve it."

8. Sarah Sherlock: "Aww brilliant best of luck to them all."

9. Sandra Lincoln: "Well done it's nice to hear good news."

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10. Karl Metcalfe: "Congrats to all of you. Perfect start and kids don't come cheap these days."

11. Diane Eastick: "Congratulations! Love this!"