North East to be hotter than Ibiza as heatwave hits

Picture taken by Liam McCormick.
Picture taken by Liam McCormick.
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Get the sun cream out - the start of the school holidays are set to be a scorcher.

As schools get ready to break for the summer this week the weather is set to be glorious.

The region is expected to swelter in temperatures up to 30C - which is hotter than Ibiza's 28C.

Although some showers are expected on Wednesday - it will still be warm.

Steven Keates, senior forecaster with the Met Office, said: "For the week ahead, the first couple of days are getting warmer.
"Monday will get off to a misty and hazy start in a few places but will be up to 27C (80.6F) in some of the cooler places such as west Scotland.
"London and the Midlands might be knocking on the door of 30C (86F) and then even further - 33C and 34C (93.2F) by Tuesday.
"Things will cool down a bit overnight into Wednesday, but even then it will still be the mid-20s."
Mr Keates said there will be a handful of isolated thunder storms before the week was out, but that temperatures would largely remain above average for the time of year.