Shock as car crashes into village pond

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These dramatic pictures capture the scene after a car crashed into a village pond.

Andy Blakey and Tyler Foster caught the aftermath on camera after the small hatchback veered over the pavement, crashed through a fence and landed slap in Cleadon Village pond in Sunderland Road.

Picture by Andy Blakey

Picture by Andy Blakey

Mr Blakey said he came across the incident after hearing a "loud bang" while walking down Sunniside Lane.

Mr Foster said the incident happened at about 9.30pm last night.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "At 9:43pm last night we got report car had gone into pond at Front Street in Cleadon.

"One person taken to hospital with injuries (not life threatening). Enquiries ongoing. Anyone with any info ring 101 quoting ref number 1118 28/11/16."

Picture by Tyler Foster

Picture by Tyler Foster

Neighbours were left shocked by the incident.

Lynn Storey, 67, of Cleadon, said: "This is a terrible bend and some drivers come around here far too fast.

"It's always been a dangerous bit of road but I've never seen anything like this happen before. It was icy last night so maybe it caused the car to skid.

"They've gone quite far off the road and through the fence."

Picture by Andy Blakey

Picture by Andy Blakey

Moyra Day, 81, who also lives in Cleadon, said: "People have been talking about what happened in the shop. Apparently they had to get a forklift truck to get it out of the pond.

"It must have been quite a job to lift it.

"The council don't have a lot of money to be replacing fences so hopefully they'll be able to get some insurance money or something."

Former Cleadon and East Boldon councillor Jeff Milburn won a two-year battle earlier this year to get crumbling fencing around the pond fixed by South Tyneside Council.

Picture by Andy Blakey

Picture by Andy Blakey

"It took a long time to get the fence safe as I didn't think it was before," said Mr Milburn.

"There were pieces of fencing missing and a child or elderly person could have fallen in quite easily.

"It's devastating that this has happened, especially if the pond has now been contaminated."