Hi-tech bike lockers still not in use at Metro station - a year after being installed

East Boldon Metro Station.
East Boldon Metro Station.

Transport bosses are under fire for installing hi-tech bike lockers at a South Tyneside Metro station which cyclists still can’t use after a year.

The lockers, which will be activated by travel cards, were placed at East Boldon Metro station by Nexus.

David Townsley.

David Townsley.

But the system has never been activated and Dave Townsley, who is standing as a Labour representative for the ward at the local elections on May 5, says it “beggars belief” that they’re still not operational.

Nexus say the delays have been caused by the “activation process” and Nexus are looking for people to test the system. Mr Townsley said: “This beggars belief.

“Providing secure lockers for bikes shouldn’t call for space-age technology and, if it does, that technology should be proven and capable of being used before installation.

“The lockers are supposed to lead to more bikes and fewer cars on the road, so what should be a praiseworthy green initiative has become a joke.”

Local cyclist Andy Lovatt said: “It’s hugely frustrating that having removed the old lockers in early 2015, the new ones are still not usable.

“It has been over a year since the lockers were available. ”

Huw Lewis, head of customer services and communications at Nexus, said: “I’m sorry Mr Lovatt has had to wait so long to be able to use the new lockers.

“We’ve kept him updated and are offering to set him up as a first pilot user to test new technology.

“We have invested in secure cycle storage so there is something at, or near, every Metro station

“It’s taken longer than we hoped to activate the smart lockers alongside this.”