Drunk customer threatened to burn down shop in racist rant at Asian takeaway owner and his son

Golden Fry Inn, Shiney Row
Golden Fry Inn, Shiney Row

A drunk customer hurled racist abuse at a takeaway owner and threatened to burn his shop down.

Craig Passmore mistakenly thought that he had been shortchanged on his order from the Golden Fry in Shiney Row.

The incident happened in the wake of the recent referendum and Mr Passmore was making references to this

Glenda Beck, prosecuting

Sunderland magistrates heard how the 25-year-old then ranted at the Asian owner and his son about the EU referendum and called them a number of derogatory terms, on July 9.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck said: “The incident took place at the Golden Fry in Shiney Row.

“Sukhjeet Jawanda is the son of the owner and was working in the shop, when Mr Passmore placed a delivery order over the telephone.

“He ordered two kebabs and a box of 10 cans of cider, which was delivered a short time later.

“The shop received a call complaining that the box of cider was incomplete, because two cans had been removed.

“It was explained to him that he had only paid for 10 cans.

“The box contained 12 cans, that’s why two had been taken out.

“The defendant became abusive and it was clear that he wasn’t happy and the phone was passed to another member of staff to explain.

“He was still not happy with the explanation and a short time later, the defendant attended the shop, in order to air his complaint further.

“He had taken the food with him and demanded a refund.

“It was explained to him that he was not entitled to a refund, because there was nothing wrong with his order.

“He became racially abusive towards the owner and his son, using a number of derogatory terms.”

Ms Beck read out a number of offensive comments Passmore used, and added that he told the pair to ‘go back to your own country’.

She said: “It seems England is their country.

“The incident happened in the wake of the recent referendum and Mr Passmore was making references to this.”

The court heard two young female members of staff were also in the shop at the time of the ‘prolonged incident’.

“He made threats to burn the shop down,” Ms Beck added.

“He was in and out of the shop a couple of times and returned with his father.

“Mr Passmore attended with a lighter and asked the owner for a piece of paper so he could set fire to it

“He made a move to jump over the counter, but his father took hold of him and restrained him. His father apologised at this point.

“Police were called as the witnesses had concerns for his father, staff and customers.”

Mr Jawanda said in a victim statement that he was ashamed for having wasted police time about the incident, the court heard.

Passmore, of Maple Terrace, Shiney Row, was arrested and pleaded guilty to racially aggravated disorderly conduct with intent.

Phillipa Wylie, defending, said: “Mr Passmore is ashamed of his behaviour. He’s disgusted.

“This is competely out of character for him, he is a man of no previous convictions.

“This has clearly been behaviour exacerbated by alcohol.”

Miss Wylie added that her client had been back to the shop to apologise since the incident.

Passmore was sentenced to a 12-month community order, with 250 hours of unpaid work, and was told to pay a £85 surcharge.