14 things you said about £18m plans for Rainton Meadows Arena site

How the rebuilt Rainton Meadows Arena could look.
How the rebuilt Rainton Meadows Arena could look.
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Dozens of you have reacted to proposals for a huge transformation at Rainton Meadows Arena.

Plans have been submitted to Sunderland City Council in a bid to transform the arena site in Houghton.

How new retail units could look at the Rainton Meadows Arena site.

How new retail units could look at the Rainton Meadows Arena site.

Aldi, Home Bargains, Pets at Home and Costa Coffee have already committed to open units at the current arena site. The arena itself would be rebuilt several hundred yards away, to the north of the site.

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If approved when the council meets next week, the development would create 259 parking spaces and 375 jobs.

Here's what you have been saying on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page and our website about the plans.

Ang Elliott: "That's Newbottle Street killed off!! Rebuild arena by all means but leave shops alone."

Paul Marriner: "Anything that attracts more people to the town is a good thing. If the new arena is used and promoted wisely, people will come to Houghton and spend their money in our shops, pubs and restaurants. Newbottle Street will only be a short walk away so this could be a great opportunity for businesses in the town centre."

Will Dulson: "Would be better use of the land if they transformed the area with a music venue to rival the Metro Radio Arena."

Tracy Dodds: "Not sure that this area needs another retail park with the same shops in as The Galleries for example. I think [there is] greater need to concentrate on town centres, this will kill off Houghton town centre."

Dan Dowson: "I wonder what impact this would have on parking in the area, as there [are] at least three call centres that use and fill the current car park every day as there isn't enough space on their own site."

David Parker: "McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut would make a killing. The area also needs another petrol station. Ample room down there."

Clare Charlton: "I don't understand the negative comments it's creating jobs at the end of the day."

David Metcalf: "I'd look forward to this, would only be five minutes walk from my doorstep."

Nicola Goldsmith: "I think we need this, Houghton is terrible for shop choices . Sick of having to travel bloody miles away."

Ethel Baldasara: "Great news for the area."

Paul M Hodgson: "Another reason town centres and high streets are struggling."

Vinnie Younger: "Just the same old shops,which seem to be everywhere."

Ben C: "Good show, the local Tesco Express is a rip off, having an Aldi down the road would be handy - crack on lads."

Phil Jeffries: "Sunderland desperately needs a new arena. Will attract big local events, great for the jobs it will be bringing in to the area."