Bradley Lowery's legacy lives on as precious video touches thousands of hearts

His laugh and smile were absolutely infectious - and today a video of little Bradley Lowery has enchanted thousands of people across the globe.

Six-year-old Bradley Lowery became known for his beautiful smile and cheeky laugh - even at the most difficult moments of his fight against terminal neuroblastoma cancer.

The Blackhall youngster, who lost his life in July after fighting the illness, is still very much in everyone's thoughts as work continues with a charity foundation set up in his honour.

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Today, a post onto the Bradley's Fight Facebook page, reminded the world of the little fighter's lovely laugh and smile, as he shared in a tender moment with dad Carl.

The Facebook post said: "Happy Saturday guys, hope you all have a lovely weekend and for those who are not having such a good day look at this video I’m sure it will cheer you up.

Bradley Lowery died in July this year.

Bradley Lowery died in July this year.

"Bradley loved to laugh and it was the best sound ever for me."

The video has more than 60,000 views so far.

Bradley made friends and touched hearts across the North East region, the footballing community and the world.

Earlier this week, mum Gemma Lowery spoke of how she and her family cope since losing Bradley almost four months ago.

She said: "My home is too quiet, my heart has a big hole in it that will never be filled. However I get up each day and I carry on because I want to help other children."