Bishop of Durham calls for living wage to ensure people find 'real delight and purpose in life' in Easter message

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The Bishop of Durham has used his annual Easter message to call for a living wage ensuring people can find 'real delight' in life.

The Right Reverend Paul Butler said the Easter story is all about the joy and purpose of life, adding that it very much chimes with the need to have a real living wage not just minimum wage.

Right Reverend Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham

Right Reverend Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham

Bishop Paul said: “I love Easter, Easter is all about life and living; Jesus risen from the dead is about offering us life in all its fullness. This is much more than self-fulfillment, it's more than simply having a good time, it's about discovering real purpose and delight in life.

“Which is why I tie Easter with things like why we need to have real living wage not just minimum wage. Why we [The Church] are engaged in tackling poverty, why we are a people of welcome to refugees and asylum seekers.”

He added: “The Easter message has to turn itself into everyday living that is about fullness of life for all people - not just me, me, me but us, us, us! Because in Easter, Jesus says, ‘Life for all, life in all its fullness’.”

The Bishop was speaking at the start of Holy Week in a video message to the region, which is attached to this article.