Youths warned during police crackdown on Sunderland seafront disorder

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A HUNDRED youngsters have been spoken to by police and £500 worth of booze seized in a crackdown on seafront disorder.

In recent weeks, police have received complaints about a group of more than 200 gathering on a field behind Morrisons supermarket in Whitburn Road, Seaburn.

At the weekend, officers made the seizures and spoke to young people in the area, letting them know their behaviour can be intimidating. Teens were told they would be dispersed or arrested if there were reports of disorder.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty said: “Young people are more than welcome on the seafront at Seaburn, and there are plenty of places suitable for them to gather and enjoy themselves.

“However, when there are more than 200 gathered in one place, and some of those are underage drinking, littering and causing antisocial behaviour, then it is clearly not acceptable for local residents and businesses.”

He added: “It’s hoped we can get the message across to young people and their parents that this is not acceptable when it’s having a negative impact on the quality of life of others in the area.”