Working class are the losers

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In his recent letter Alan Wright (August 26) claimed that my previous comments regarding the Conservatives and child poverty were spurious.

For Mr Wright’s information all my allegations against the Government are based on facts. For example, I stated the Chancellor will scrap the child poverty target and (inconceivably) cease using family income as a measure of childhood deprivation!

The Children’s Commissioners have announced child poverty will increase to 4.7million by 2020, another million children. Their report submitted to the United Nations states the austerity drive and welfare reforms have resulted in the failure to protect our most disadvantaged children.

Government policies have led to food and fuel poverty, which has increased the use of food banks.

Common sense tells us reductions in benefit will make poverty unavoidable for thousands more families.

A statement has been made that “claimants affected by the cap will by definition, not receive the sums of money which the state deems necessary for them adequately to house, feed, clothe and warm themselves and their children”.

The Children’s Society warns it is our youngest that will disproportionately bear the brunt of the new, lower income cap.

Mr Wight implied my comments were inflammatory – he’s wrong. My correspondence is genuine criticism against a right-wing Government which is systematically depriving the working class of all their hard fought for rights.

W Quinn