Women make better leaders

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I think it’s great to see there are now more lady political leaders, especially in Germany, Scotland and England.

I really think women have more patience, compassion and caring than us men.

Especially, I would like the trend to go more in that direction and to replace Jeremy Corbyn with Wearside MP Sharon Hodgson.

I grew up a few doors from a great Labour leader, Septimus Robinson, and know the tremendous workload Mr Robinson got through every year. And, quite honestly, no one I have ever known in the Labour Cabinet has ever worked as tirelessly and enthusiastically as Sharon.

I cannot see Jeremy winning the next General Election to become Prime Minister. We need a lady, one who works tirelessly to lead and improve our country on a wide range of important issues.

Beneath Sharon’s gentle smile lies a power and intelligence to resolve a multitude of problems.

So it’s the age to bring our Health Shadow Minister from out the shadows and into the light of power for our people.

Jim Chambers