William Quinn great man of the people

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I took a day of work on Friday to get my car into the garage for its MOT.

As I was walking across the Queen Alexandra Bridge with the dog, I was looking down at the dry dock, I was reminded of all the great letters over the years from the recently deceased W Quinn championing the working man/ woman, from our city.

I was remembering all the great ships and the work that went into making Sunderland not just the biggest but the best ship building city in the world.

The feat of engineering it took in the construction of the dry dock and the ships that came from the River Wear was outstanding, we were the envy of the world.

I remember Austen and Pickersgills winning the Queen’s Award For Industry numerous times.

I had the privilege of working in Doxfords as did my father and brother. I never once witnessed any industrial action in all the time I was there.

When Mrs Thatcher and the Conservative government got rid of the ship building industry, Goebbel would have been proud of how she used the media to portray the industry as constantly on strike and lazy. He couldn’t stop it but thankfully we had the likes of William Quinn in our corner. RIP William.

Ged Taylor