Why weren’t we asked about Sunderland’s new music venue

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Despite cuts to basic services Sunderland Council has come up with another project for a music venue without public consultation that will require taxpayers’ money to be thrown at it to keep it open.

The High Street West buildings are in a conservation area, which is being ignored for the convenience of this project.

The council put £375,000 of taxpayers’ money into the stadium to make sure concerts appeared which now appears to be in trouble. It has put millions into the Empire Theatre to keep it open. Let’s not forget the £120,000 each year its loses on the airshow and the £170,000 it spends on the illuminations. How can it make this sustainable?

It can’t, so more taxpayers’ money will be thrown at it.

It will go head to head with established music venues in the region and fail. The council has gone cap in hand again like the professional beggar that it is. What happened to our pride and ability in doing things that work in our city?

J Malloy