Why the monarchy is a benefit to Britain

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Ged Taylor must put a lot of work into his letters to be so obnoxious (January 7).

Regarding Her Majesty, perhaps I could repeat part of a letter I wrote some time ago.

No politician in Britain has any permanence, but our Head of State gives the country continuity, which is one of the main benefits of having a monarchy.

The monarchy provides our country with links between our history, our present and our future.

The future of Britain belongs to the people of these islands, the system we have allows the destiny of the people to endure.

While going through their journey, our politicians must channel the power of the people for the benefit of the people and the betterment of Great Britain.

To understand the present we must study the past, which is good advice if this country wants to set its compass on a true course.

Gordon Tomlinson