Why support West Park plans?

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Sunderland Council’s Labour Cabinet met on July 19 to discuss among other items the green belt and site selection assessment.

This identified 15 sites, which the council proposed are appropriated for residential development.

Some of these sites are on green areas.

One of the proposed development sites was West Park in Herrington. A proposal that is hugely contentious.

Cabinet member Coun Trueman did question the inclusion of the site in Washington but beyond that nothing.

The proposal was approved by the Cabinet.

This despite Cabinet Coun Michael Mordey stating only in July this year that “We’re proud to continually provide first class green spaces for everyone to enjoy, and are determined to maintain these standards as best we can”.

Why the change? Why now support a proposal to build on park land?

Watch out Barnes Park that is a large area of green land you have alongside Barnes View.

It only takes a developer to identify this as having development potential for this Labour Council to add it to its development plans.

Peter O’Connor