Why is money not spent in the North East?

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So the truth about this governments commitment to the so-called northern powerhouse is finally starting to be realised, not by the working class Tories up here, but the rest of the North East.

The Tories sent up its minister who is overseeing the northern powerhouse, Jake Berry, who had obviously not done his homework as he embarrassed not only himself, but local conservatives, by calling our river Wear the river Tyne.

This government have just airbrushed the North East out of the northern powerhouse.

Chris Grayling, the transport minister, said if the North East wants to upgrade its transportation systems the councils will have to fund it through local taxation, after all the cuts imposed on our city I find his remarks grossly insulting.

What he really means is taxpayers’ money that funds the upgrading of transport is going to be spent down south.

Ged Taylor.