Why I hate all crimes

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Hate crime, yes I do.

Anyone worth their salt must, not just hate crimes – but all crimes.

While crimes of violence, robbery, rape and fraud soar to a point where police are known to beg the public to solve their own problems, our hapless politicians aided by PC lawyers and journalists, have introduced a priority league table.

It seems the old Lags with your swag in the bag or prison drug smuggling and gratuitous violence are of little interest to the establishment now.

Racist or religious comment, sexist and gender abuse have acquired a blanket tag of hate crime.

Now those are the buzz words to really stir our law keepers into action.

You offer the police clearly recognisable vandals on videos, stealing and damaging your property, but for some reason no action is taken.

But someone reports a 30-year-old “Me Too” event and an old pop star is almost ruined.

In order to garner votes and cover previous follies, successive governments have sought public favour by highlighting and complicating various elements of law which have been covered for centuries anyway.

To further complicate this situation our not so friendly EU neighbours can overturn a decision when or if it is finally made.

Denis Gillon,