Where is the country’s cash going?

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So this Tory government has done a secret deal with Surrey Council giving them a sweetener to avoid the embarrassment of a 15% price rise!

We should not be surprised that they are doing so as the area covers the constituencies of Jeremy Hunt and Philip Hammond. The big surprise is that we found out about it! In a time when £11.3billion has been cut from councils budgets we see £9billion in tax cuts for the rich with another £1billion uncollected from the super-rich.

All the letters complaining about council services should address the real culprits in the government who are making life particularly difficult for Labour voting areas by unfairly targeting them for cuts. Some correspondents also need to differentiate between what is paid for by grant money and what the council have available to spend on services as they do not seem to know the difference. The “profligate” Labour government bailed out the banks and put us £500million in debt.

This incompetent lot have now added an extra £1.3trillion in the name of so called “Austerity” while destroying Council Services, NHS, Education, Police, Fire, Armed Services etc. We are making more money in GDP every year as a country so where is it all going?

Richard Beck,