What about Labour’s history with the DUP?

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There are two points to make here.

Firstly, it should be pointed out that in 2008 the Labour Government won a Commons vote by 315 to 306 to extend the detention of terror suspects to 42 days.

The bill passed with the support of DUP MPs.

Coincidence or not, but whatever it was, a year later it was announced that Bombardier was investing £500million in the Northern Ireland constituency of DUP leader Peter Robinson.

Robinson stated the Government “bent over backwards to help us”.

The other point to make is the implication that other areas of the country have suffered from lack of investment.

Bridget may want to look at the £380million plus invested in Sunderland 2010 and 2016.

This covered £82million for the new bridge, £82.6million on the strategic corridor, £3million fusion imaging machine at Sunderland Royal Hospital, £20million A&E unit at Sunderland Royal, £52million hospital at Ryhope, £10million dementia unit at Monkwearmouth, £20million to purchase the Vaux site and £29million on a new college in the city centre to name a few.

In more recent days we have had the £150million investment announced for the A19 junction upgrades.

Alan Wright