What a waste of our greens

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What the hell is going on?

For over 100 years residents of Sunderland have enjoyed, for a small fee, the pleasure of using “bowling greens” and their “club houses”, in the various parks in Sunderland, which were beautifully maintained by the council parks department. These bowling greens have survived through two world wars and times of depression and have always been available for those who wished to use them.

Now, due to, so called austerity measures, the council are proposing that the members of the bowling clubs “look after” various tasks to save the council money. These tasks include:– Litter picking and emptying bins around the green, looking after flowers beds, roses , and herbaceous borders. It also includes long-handled shear work , cutting grass surrounds, brushing the greens daily, clearing and topping up gullies, maintaining shrub beds, trimming hedges and hand weeding, etc. They are also proposing, for two clubs to share one green (where there are two adjacent greens) and do away with the other beautiful green. What a waste of a tremendous facility.

We appreciate that, due to austerity measures, certain things have to be reduced, but don’t take away the pleasure of many, just for the sake of a few bob.

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