What a great show it was

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I’d like to say a huge thank you to the cast and company of the Kinks musical at the Sunderland Empire.

I must admit when my husband said he got tickets to see it, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it as I hadn’t been a big Kinks fan, but did like quite a few of their songs.

We went to Wednesday afternoon’s (October 5) matinee as we thought an evening would be too packed and would be late getting home.

Little did we know, as the theatre was almost full with few empty seats. There were all ages in the audience.

The performance was perfect and not one thing to complain about, other than a few songs had very loud riffs in them, but that was just that my ears can’t cope with some loud noises now. Other than that, it was really great and I learnt more about the Kinks rise to fame than I knew at the time.

I thought it strange that they didn’t play ‘Lola’, my all time favourite, but when it came towards the end of the show those famous notes came at the start of the finale and the audience all stood up clapping and waving.

I’d like to thank everyone concerned with the production and hope all their other performances go as well as ours did. Thank you again and also thanks to the theatre staff.

Mr and Mrs Collar