WH Smith closure is not good news for Sunderland

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It’s bad news WH Smith is closing its Sunderland branch.

It wasn’t long ago I read how well it was doing financially, particularly its airport bookshops.

The last time I went into Smiths was to buy the Echo. I joined the queue thinking this won’t take long, but surprise, surprise, I saw they were asking everyone at the till if they wanted any chocolate.

What’s going on here, I grumbled? Chocolate in WH Smiths?

Is the company so desperate?

All the old ladies in front of me were dithering over whether they wanted a Cadbury’s Flake or Fruit and Nut, so it took an age to get served and I wasn’t best pleased. (I avoid chocolate like the plague because of my obesity problem).

Can anyone remember in 1980 WH Smith had a store in High Street West?

When I was a student I got most of my English Literature novels at Smiths. No chocolate in those days.

Charles Napier,