We still lack quality

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Surely, the supporters who have paid good hard earned cash for season tickets on the strength of seven quality signings should be able to return said tickets for a complete refund.

This has to be the worst set of players ever to wear the red and white shirt.

I’m 66 years old and I have never seen such garbage paraded on a football field calling themselves professionals.

What is Congerton supposed to be buying? Footballers he is not.

These players were not playing for their clubs second team and now they are here under the guise of quality.

It must be time for Short to get rid of Congerton and Byrne becauce that’s where the problem is.

I also think Advocaat is not the man, he’s too close to Congerton.

It’s time sports writers really went to town on the club and said what they see without pulling the punches. Rubbish is rubbish,just say it.

Richy Mackem