We need our nurses back

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As a breast cancer patient at Sunderland Royal Hospital, the thing I will miss very much, and they were a great comfort to me, is that our fabulous Macmillan breast care specialist nurses are no longer working at the Sunderland Royal Hospital.

I was very much involved and was supported by Sister Michelle Derbyshire throughout my cancer care.

From my first appointment four years ago, after finding a lump in my breast, Michelle, a breast care specialist nurse, supported me all the way through my treatment.

Michelle was a lifeline to me, in as much as, if I was worried about anything regarding my surgery, any problems that occur after surgery, and any silly little thing that were big concerns to me, all I had to do was give her a ring, speak to her or leave a message and she would always ring back and sort it all out.

It gave me a lot of confidence and reassurance knowing she cared and someone was there.

Not only have we lost our wonderful Macmillan specialist breast care nurses at the Sunderland Royal Hospital, who have now moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, we also have no breast care consultants for women with breast cancer for Sunderland and the surrounding area.

Patients now have to travel to Gateshead, Durham or Newcastle for surgery, which I think is very wrong, considering the wonderful facilities Sunderland Royal Hospital has always offered.

We need this much needed service to return to Sunderland Royal.

Maureen Campbell,

Shiney Row