We must stop panicking

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I have been an active member of the Labour Party for over 40 years. There has always been differences in opinions, in ward meetings, constituency meetings, but I am disgusted at those who profess to be members of the Labour Party who are personally, verbally, attacking MP Sharon Hodgson, who has worked tirelessly for the people of Sunderland.

Sharon is not to blame for what has happened with the referendum.

The people who are to blame for what happened with the out vote are those who were causing panic within the working class and stress to those people who have suffered since the 1970s and 80s when mines, shipyards and steel works closed with major job losses.

The hard working people in the North East had the stuffing knocked out of them by the Conservatives/Thatcher years. Have you all forgotten?

We cannot expect the younger generation to understand or remember that their grandparents suffered.

We were led to believe that the Common Market and being members of the Euro would benefit working class people.

I am proud that Sunderland was the first to decide enough is enough and the rest of the country followed when they voted out.

So all you North East and in particular Sunderland Labour Party voters can we all accept what has happened, stop panicking and work together instead of against each other.

We have survived tough times before and we can do it again.

As a Labour voter I believe in democracy of the people and freedom of speech. What has happened with the referendum is that the people were being told what to vote for.

If we do not listen to what the people want then we get the people to take control of their future.

If Jeremy Corbyn wants to be leader of the Labour Party but does not want to lead the country as Prime Minister in the next election, whenever that happens, then he has to accept what has happened and admit that he is not carrying out his role completely, and in the way his constituents expect.

He is causing political turmoil to his constituency which has bravely voted out and he is certainly causing damage to the future of the Labour Party. Democracy in chaos

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