We live in a democracy

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As a local councillor, I am surprised that George Howe doesn’t realise that we live in a representative democracy.

If an MP had to leave office every time they disagreed with members of the public there would need to be weekly elections.

He criticises Sunderland MP Julie Elliot on spurious grounds.

I am not a member of the Labour Party but I am personally aware of how hard Ms Elliot works for the people of Sunderland and the cost it entails.

Councillor Howe should bear in mind that the death of Joe Cox was done in the name of English nationalism before he seeks to stir up hatred.

I might also ask how he can represent a party (Conservative) whose advisers suggested the mothballing of places like Sunderland and Liverpool not so long ago.

The strength of Theresa May he speaks of so far has only been exhibited in word and not deed and any Tory victory will be unlikely to improve the lot of my fellow Makems any time soon.

Mark Robertson