We have seen it all before

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Jeremy is at it again, in spite of 62% of people in Sunderland voting to leave the EU in the referendum because of the fear of continuing unabated migration into the UK, Jeremy has said he ‘is relaxed’ with the present numbers getting into the country.

Well, he may be but the majority of British people are not, and they made this loud and clear with their vote.

But we now learn the Shadow Chancellor, in his first excursion into affairs of intellectual elaboration on issues financial, has said he will borrow £500billion to fund a National Investment Bank to, as one newspaper comments, splurge on state-sponsored research.

What about the billions of pounds it will cost to go back to nationalising the railways and other sections of the service industries?

Well, in plain socialisim – borrow.

Remember Gordon Brown and his selling of half of Britain’s gold reserves when the price was at its lowest?

Remember when out of every £4 spent 25% was borrowed?

Does he think that his policies and those of his Shadow Cabinet will convince the electorate to vote for his tattered party and its rantings of returning to ‘old’ socialist principles.

Does Jeremy, or the other members of the Labour Party, think they are going to convince dedicated long suffering Labour voters that Jeremy’s latest policies are in their best interests?

No chance, they’ve seen it all before!

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward