We have lost a good friend

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I have been reading the article of refreshing honesty about Sunderland in The New York Times (Tuesday, June 28). You can see a copy of this in the Local Studies Centre on the first floor of the city library in Fawcett Street.

Kimiko Freytas-Tamura gives a concise account of our recent economic history and quotes the sullen people of Washington and Sunderland, who care little for the EU and the Westminster Government.

Why are the majority cynical and ungrateful?

I am sorry that so many local people do not appreciate the help that the EU has given Sunderland and Washington.

The university of Sunderland should find out why people here are so negative that they oppose their own interest.

This attitude has caused them to lose a good friend in the EU.

Unemployment is endemic here so the North East needs all the help it can get.

Do these disgruntled people realise that they are making life more difficult for their children and grandchildren?

John Watson