We have been betrayed

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After the vote on Syria where Mr Corbyn gave his MPs a free vote, Mr Cameron did not by the way, I believe all those who voted for air strikes on Syria should be de-selected from the Labour Party and made to stand as Independents in by-elections.

Perhaps in this way Jeremy Corbyn can give the working man back his party and get rid of the New Labour (super Tory) influence of Tony Blair.

Air strikes to maintain our influence in the Middle East was one reason I heard, when I listened to the debate.

Influence to meddle in other countries affairs has cost us lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Were the French in Iraq?

I don’t think so.

There is no 70,000 friendly fanatics, no strategy, and again no exit plan.

This is Iraq all over again and these so called Labour MPs have betrayed their leader and their constituents.

Richy Mackem