We control our destiny

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“Mass unemployment is a price worth paying.”

That was the view of Margaret Thatcher and her Government. Who paid the price? Ask the miners, ask the shipyard workers, ask the many thousands of workers and their families across Britain, if they thought it ‘a price worth paying’.

David Cameron and his apparently endless supply of big business ‘experts’ tell us that the British economy can only prosper within the EU.

These experts cannot predict what lies ahead for the British economy or indeed world economy, any more than the rest of us.

If we remain in, 300,000 migrants will enter Britain each year, and, of course, the number of migrants will escalate, as more countries join the EU.

Unlike the British economy, which we can control and regulate when we leave, problems of mass migration within the EU cannot be resolved.

We have a voice, we have a vote and an opportunity to control our own destiny.

Mass migration is a price we, our children and future generations cannot, and should not, be asked to pay.

A Thompson