We cannot take them all

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We Brits really are a charitable and generous breed.

The NHS treats people from around the world, mostly without payment, while we watch our waiting lists growing longer by the day and hospital trusts going broke.

Each year we welcome more than half a million immigrants, only to see house prices rise and wages fall as a result.

Such generosity may well give us all a virtuous, rosy glow and a vote or two for some self righteous politicians but can we afford these luxuries?

Generosity is a virtue but Britain is now on a course of profligacy, which in the end will serve no one, least of all our grandchildren, who have a right to enjoy the benefits and heritage of the Britain, we now squander.

Not only those currently fleeing the Middle East, but almost anyone in the world would prefer to live here and, mindful of public reaction to the Middle East situation, eventually almost everyone will live here.

Clearly, many of those crossing the Mediterranean are not refugees, but economic tourists, and despite the press images of irresponsible MPs seeking popularity by preaching “take more refugees”, if we perpetuate the notion that all can find refuge in Europe, the entire Middle East will decamp here.

Denis Gillon