We are here to support Sunderland’s new mums

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NCT (National Childbirth Trust) has just launched a campaign called #HiddenHalf to help new mothers in Sunderland with mental health problems get the treatment they need.

Our research found nearly half of new mothers’ mental health problems did not get picked up by a doctor or other health professional.

The six-week postnatal check is an ideal opportunity to pick up on emotional and mental health problems, but many new mothers don’t get a full or supportive appointment and are slipping through the net.

NCT is urging people to sign up to the Hidden Half campaign at www.nct.org.uk/hiddenhalf to change the system so that all new mothers get the support and treatment they need.

We have a free helpline (0300 330 0700) for anyone who’d like to discuss any issue around pregnancy, childbirth or being a new parent and our local branch may be able to help too.

Nick Wilkie,