We are being conned again

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So there’s going to be a sugar tax, eh? Why do we fall for the same old con every time?

The powers that be invent a problem – climate change, plastic bags and this time obesity – and the only way to solve the problem is, you guessed it, taxes!

If sugar in food and drink is such a problem, why not do something about it at the manufacturing stage and stop it being added in the first place? Because they can’t make money out of it, that’s why.

We hear a lot about fat kids and see lots of shocking photos in the papers, but how many do you actually see in everyday life? It’s been completely overblown – classic fear tactics.

Give it a year or two, they’ll come up with something else that’s ‘harmful’ and we’ll be made to pay for it – and of course, we’ll fall for it like we do every single time.

Mark Lang