Vote Labour to save NHS

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The Tory propaganda machine has hits town.

All of Tom Brown’s (Careful who you vote for) points are a mixture of half-truths.

Would we trust Labour to negotiate a good Brexit deal?’ – Yes, Keir Starmer would negotiate a deal in the national interest not just the financial interests of the city of London.

‘Mr Corbyn has said he’ll dismantle our defence systems’ – Cameron & Co have already done that. We’ll soon be down to an Army of less than 50,000 and we’ve got no planes for our new aircraft carriers. It’s a scandal how we treat our ex-service personel, who now make up 10% of the prison population through neglect.

‘They will borrow billions like the previous Labour Government’ – unfortunately, that was in response to the banking crisis.

Apart from then – Labour has always left office in credit. The Tories meanwhile do the opposite.

‘They will increase benefits’ – so will the Tories. The poor and unemployed are easy targets, most people on benefits are genuine claimants, in fact, 65% of the population claims some form of benefit, 90% plus are in work and cannot make ends meet.

‘They will increase taxes’ – yes, for those people in the top bracket and tax avoiding corporations. Theresa May has said that they may need to raise taxes – remember her self-employed NI debacle.

‘Our three MPs voted remain against their constituents wishes’ - They voted the same time as the rest of us, so how did they know what our wishes were and which way we’d vote.

Mr Brown ends by patronizing us with “don’t vote Labour just because your parents did” – maybe it’s more to do with that for whole generations we’ve recognized that we’ve been shafted by the Tories. As an aside my father voted Tory, my grandfather Labour and I’ll be voting to save the NHS, I’ll be voting Labour.

John Lilburne