Vote Labour – don’t moan

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I find it hard to accept that my new MP will be a member of the Labour Party or that the council in charge of my money and standard of living, to a large extent, is ruled by Labour members.

How can the people of Sunderland, that once fine ‘town’, continue to believe the fairy tale claims of Socialism?

They complain all the time but continue, year after miserable year, to put their crosses in the box marked “Labour”.

If they do this again on June 8 and at the next council elections, and they will, can they please stop moaning.

Stop complaining about the Vaux site, the seafront, the scandal of children’s services, the excessive payments, the bins and so on and so on.

They put them in power and will do again, God help us.

In private I hear them being disgusted and outraged by the antics of the council but they can not, and will not vote for anyone else.

They have “always voted Labour” which appears to be their only justification for such behaviour.

How stupid would they regard anyone refusing anaesthetics at the dentist – “I’ve always suffered pain so start drilling”.

I would suggest, fellow Mackems, that the time has come to review our use of the considerable power our electoral system gives us.

Think carefully about changing your family’s traditional Labour vote.

It takes two strokes with a pencil to make a cross.

Do you have the courage to change the Sunderland status quo and mark your cross in a box other than that next to the Labour Party candidate (canny lass though she may be).

If you do not have such courage and return the Labour candidate (and the Labour council at the next local election) will you please stop moaning.

Name withheld