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I see the council ​is to cut 70 jobs among the lower paid staff​,​ easy targets​,​ but what about cutting the very well paid staff on the top table​?

W​e have some of the highest paid executives in the country and they still want​ more money than the ​Prime ​Minister​.

​T​hen the​re are the​ ​‘​golden goodbyes​‘,​ hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted​. If they resign they should get nothing​, I will bet the people who are going to ​lose their jobs will not get a golden goodby​e.

​W​hy do we need 75 councillors a​ll getting​ expenses? Then there are the portfolio holders​ all getting extra money for responsibilities yet when it all goes wrong it has nothing to do do with them​.

It must be time for ​Sunderland to wake up​.

I know the people in the city will never vote ​Tory​, but what about all the independents​?

They cannot be any worse than this lo​t. After 40 years we are still on the bottom​.

Please use your vote for the good of our city​,​ not our councillors.

G Liddle