Vote Conservative for more of the same

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Well here we go again. It just seems like yesterday when Teresa May said she will not be calling an early election.

This snap election seems rushed, opportunistic and cynical.

Just like her predecessor David Cameron it seems she speaks with a forked tongue.

She is trying to make the forthcoming election about Brexit, but all the other European countries are not going to change their stance whatever happens in the election.

Teresa wants it to be all about Brexit, but there are more pressing concerns beyond Brexit.

Just about everything the Conservatives have done these last seven years has been at the expense of the ordinary people of this great country.

So just remember when you cast your vote the Conservative Party has borrowed more than £800billion to add to the debt, the prison service is in turmoil, the teachers in our schools are up in arms over funding, not forgetting the NHS that is in its worst crisis in its 76 year history.

Patients are waiting for hours in overcrowded A&Es, waiting lists are rising and hospitals are facing huge financial problems.

The care for older people is on its knees after she cut £4.6billion from social care budgets.

Ordinary people’s incomes and living standards are being squeezed.

House building is at its lowest level of affordable homes in 24 years, soaring homelessness and private rents rising faster than incomes.

Theresa May has no answers to these problems and a Conservative vote is a vote for more of the same – the running down of this great country.

Ged Taylor