Village could help tidy up

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I do not agree with Washington leaving the City of Sunderland.

But like all or most residents in Washington, we feel left out, due to no Metro, no direct (to my knowledge) bus to Seaburn or Roker, but easy bus to South Shields and Newcastle.

Yes, I always thought about the A19 ‘brick wall’.

It is about time that City of Sunderland (Central) thinks of us out in the sticks.

I was born in Ryhope, did my Army service some 14 years ago, and have now lived in Washington some 36 years.

​Cutting of the grass was mentioned in the Echo story about Washington’s Wexit but we in Lambton get ours done and the grass seems always tidy.

Residents could give a helping hand by clearing litter and any sacks or phone the cleansing department to arrange a clean up.

I had and still have many ideas about keeping Washington from turning into slums. Remember where litter lies beauty dies.

Edward Keogh