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“A bit of a pig in a poke” was the phrase used by several people who attended the consultation at the Seaburn Centre hosted by Siglion, the preferred developers of the land to the west of Whitburn Road.

Representatives were unable to give definitive answers to such obvious questions as “how many houses will be built and at what cost?”

“Have you consulted with the local schools to ascertain how many places are available?”

“What leisure facilities will be provided or “will apartments be sold on a buy to rent basis?”

The answers usually began with: “This is an outline planning application only and the details will have to be worked out later.”

In other words the devil is in the detail.

Visitors wanted to know why those councillors who are also directors of Siglion had not earned their keep by demanding that these answers be available.

As your local Conservative councillors George Howe and I will continue to press for answers to these and other questions but we can only do this if you use your vote in May’s local government elections to return Conservative candidates.

Bob Francis,

Conservative Councillor,

Fulwell ward