Unnecessary stress caused

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Sunderland Royal Hospital patients have not only lost the Breast Cancer Care Services but have now suffered a second blow.

They have been informed recently that the much-needed breast specialist nurses left Sunderland Royal Hospital on October 4 to work at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead.

The nurses tried to reassure patients that this is only a temporary move. The Clinical Commissioning Group, has also made statements that these changes are temporary.

Being without a service since December 2014 with no sign of adverts for replacement consultants, together with specialist nurses leaving Sunderland Royal Hospital and entering into a new contract at Queen Elizabeth is certainly not a temporary move.

Please, please CCG stop trying to pull the wool over patients’ eyes. You are upsetting patients who are trying to recover from breast cancer and they certainly don’t need this extra stress.

The uncertainty caused to patients is unacceptable. Just tell them and the greater public the truth.

Name withheld