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In reply to E Royal, we’ve been lied to about the European Project since 1972.

It was born during the post-war period, dreamt up by Germany and the French. Our leaders were complicit when plans were first announced for us to join the EEC, dressed up as The Common Market.

This was the start of the Government’s pro-EU campaign, backed by Mr Heath, Mrs Thatcher and many notables in ‘the Establishment’, with no public consultation, buts lots of taxpayer funded propaganda.

For the benefit of many ill-informed youngsters, we haven’t always been members of this power-mad, unaccountable autocracy, but joined without a referendum in 1973.

We were conned, but the ‘visionaries’ knew exactly where it would all lead.

The signing of Lisbon, like all the other treaties, surrendered our Sovereignty to unelected dictators without our permission.

The EU’s ‘raison d’etre’ has little to do with trade, jobs or investment, but that’s been the smokescreen right to this day. Some £9.3million of our taxes was spent last year on Government leaflets hysterically warning of instant Armageddon, should we have the temerity to Vote Leave. The biased BBC (which receives ‘EU funding’) continues the lies, painting as bleak a picture as possible of Brexit. Any good news on the economy is always “despite Brexit.”

We get back only half the £392million we hand over to Brussels every week, and are then ordered how we must spend it.

We could decide for ourselves how best to spend this money, the NHS included.

Surely, we fought two world wars to preserve our sovereignty, democracy, legal system and control of our borders?

EU policies have destroyed many thousands of British jobs in steel making, shipbuilding, smelting, manufacturing, farming and fishing, through EU competition and environmental law, compulsory OJEU tendering and allowing German and French companies to openly acquire our strategic assets.

A United States of Europe (USE) has been created under our noses, as Euro-sceptics rightly predicted, with its own flag, national anthem, currency, border force, foreign and military policies, embassies, financial institutions and space agency.

Didn’t we fight two world wars to preserve our sovereignty, democracy, legal system and control our own borders?

So, Remoaners, accept the outcome of the democratic referendum, stop trying to dilute, delay and even block Brexit. Unite for the good of the UK, and let’s make our independence the success it can be.

David M Caslaw TD VR