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News from Germany and the elections there are showing a massive swing away from supporting the EU following our vote to leave in June.

The Alternative for Germany party (AfD), modelled to some extent on our own UKIP (so far as its anti EU position is concerned) has gone from zero to double digit percentage points in the opinion polls in just three years and is set to wipe the pro-EU parties out in large parts of the country at the next election.

Nor is Germany alone, in France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and most of the southern EU ‘States’ the EU realists are on the march as the true nature of ‘the project’ is revealed to the electorate. The UKIP-led Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group in Brussels, with our own Nigel Farage MEP as its leader, is making vast strides across the whole of the EU.

If Mrs May delays her triggering of Brexit much longer we might be the last, not the first, country to leave the EU.

People say there is no point in voting UKIP as it has ‘little political influence’; the truth is that this party has had an immense impact on the whole of the EU, much more than any of the other UK parties have ever had, and politically is of huge importance. It was UKIP which forced then Prime Minister David Cameron into giving us a referendum and, despite attempts by Tories like Boris Johnson and others to ‘hi-jack’ the event, aided by much of the media, it was UKIP which actually led it and, more importantly, won it.

It is beginning to look like it will take a UKIP government to free us from the EU as the Tories now seem to be both diluting and backtracking on Brexit; this in not why 17.4million voted ‘Leave’ on June 23. Had it been fought under the same rules as a Parliamentary election, on a constituency basis, the “Brexiteers” would have won over 450 “seats”, a ‘landslide victory’ and gives Mrs May her mandate to take immediate action.

In Westminster UKIP has just one MP and because of this much of the media still tend to treat us as a ‘minor’ or even ‘joke’ party; nothing could be further from the truth. Isn’t it time that more of the media treated the party and its activists with greater respect due to one which has achieved all this across Europe and, in the UK, polled more votes than the SNP, Lib Dems and Green parties combined in the 2015 General Election?

Kay Rowham