Traffic in Sunderland city centre has doubled

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The Echo can be trusted to accurately report news.

The lies and dis-information propagated by Sunderland’s road planners, especially regarding the new bridge and strategic transport corridor scheme is incredible.

Instead of reducing the volume and congestion in the city centre, the planners have conspired to double it.

The testimony of Mr Simon Bourne during 2013 said that a new river Wear bridge should cost between £15million and £20million, not £118million.

The widest bridge in the world (the ZaKim Bridge) carrying ten lanes of traffic was completed for $100million. That is value for taxes.

The recent report in the Echo that the President of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) gave his approval to Sunderland to the same costly bridge replacement as for the “Iconic” version is as demeaning as it is unbelievable.

The eye-watering costs conceded by the DoT are now regarded as an acceptable for future large Government contracts.

Ron McQuillan