Tourist office is loss to city Sunderland – a city of culture?

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What city doesn’t have a Tourist Information Centre?

We had one in an excellent location in Fawcett Street, but the powers that be decided to move into obscurity in the library two floors above street level.

Then, of course, because of lack of custom dispensed with it altogether.

There is also a lack of public toilets.

Even the railway station doesn’t have one.

People should not have to rely on large stores and public houses in order to relieve themselves.

Huge amounts of money have been and still are being spent on Seaburn seafront with very little to show for it.

The planners responsible should take a trip to Redcar and see how it should be done.

On a lighter note it has been reported that the Calais authorities are to claim compensation from Britain for loss of revenue from tourists because of disruption of the Channel Tunnel.

I never associated the French with a sense of humour but clearly I’m wrong.

J Jones,