Tory party need to check their facts

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Mr Hurst says ‘this area has always been a Labour stronghold’, he should really check his facts.

I would suggest the public library if he could find one open.

He also said Mr Corbyn had promised what he could not fulfil but Mr Corbyn’s team produced a fully costed manifesto and Mrs May couldn’t be bothered such was her hubris.

Her Chancellor Mr Hammond has since been busily pinching half of the Labour Party’s policies.

You said ‘he would not retaliate if there was a threat to this country’– to a threat?

What happened to Jaw-Jaw not War-War?

To say she is much stronger than Corbyn is bizarre.

She spent the whole election skulking around industrial estates talking to small groups of employees of Tory businessmen, wouldn’t debate on TV with the other leaders eye-to-eye, couldn’t give answers to questions and so every reply became a ‘strong and stable’ mantra.

And just recently at the horrific Glenfell fire in London she was scared to visit the scene, ‘stepping aside’ for Mr Corbyn and the Queen to do the public sympathies.

It’s also about time you and The Tory Party dropped the IRA libels, Mr Corby was talking to Irish Nationalists (and Ulster Loyalists) at the same time as were Margaret Thatcher and John Major and after as Mo Mowlam’s trusted envoy before The Good Friday Agreement.

John Lilburne