Tory councillor in denial over health service decline

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Alan Wright’s recent response to my correspondence regarding the privatisation of the NHS, had the usual opprobrious content but very little in the form of substantiation.

He questioned the good name of the late Professor Harry Keen and, because he was a supporter of the Socialist Health Association, said he was hardly a source of impartial comment.

Mr Wright then turned his attention on me and claimed I had made an untrue statement.

The comments he referred to are as follows: “The situation under his Government has deteriorated (in the NHS) to the extent where people are concerned for it’s very existence.

“Under these circumstances patients would have to pay for medical treatment.”

That was my own personal opinions, which Mr Wright interpreted as a lie.

Perhaps if I simplify the warning by saying “No NHS, no free treatment”, then Mr Wright might be able to understand the message.

He should be aware that many others share my view.

They showed their solidarity when hundreds of thousands recently marched through London to demonstrate against underfunding and privatisation in the health service.

As I write the Tories are busy dismantling the NHS further.

Mr Wright appears to be in denial over the health service decline.

He goes on assuring people that “the NHS will continue to provide a service free at point of use”.

I’m amazed how Mr Wright can repeat this claim without a single piece of evidence.

Bearing in mind Mr Wright is a member of the Tory party, can he really be considered as the voice of impartiality?

W Quinn